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Kerala PSC University Assistant Free Mock Test -6 | IT & Cyber Laws Previous Questions

Kerala PSC University Assistant Free Mock Test -6 | IT & Cyber Laws Previous Questions 

The candidates who are appearing For Kerala PSC University Assistant, who understand their strong and weak areas and work on them. But remember that Mock Test should be quality over quantity. All the tests of are well structured. The kind of questions that are asked or the topics that are tested depends entirely on the latest exam patterns. We have designed the free mock test for Kerala PSC and free mock test for RRB  using the latest technological techniques so that the concepts are understood in the easiest manner.

Mock Test -6

01․ Which hardware device is used to interconnect different types of networks with different protocols?

02․ The Walkie Talkie is an example of which mode of communication?  

03․ A device that combines data from multiple computers and lead them on a common communication channel is

04․ ____ is the modification od software to remove or disable features which are undesirable by a person

05․ Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly bean are the latest version of which Operating Systam?

06․ E-mail that appears to have been originated from one source when it was actually sent from another source is referred to as

07․ In computer memory 1 TB is equal to

08․ A flip-flop is a binary cell capable of storing information of:

09․ Which of the following is a Universal Gate?

10․ A microprocessor unit, a memory unit and an input/ output unit from a :

11․ Windows is an example of ______

12․ Instead of 'yesterday' you typed 'yesteday'. Which is the best suitable option to correct it?

13․ A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as :

14․ Which of the following is not a type of page margin ?

15․ Alt+F10 helps to ______ the program window.

16․ To centre a paragraph, use:

17․ _______ substitutes new text for the existing.

Go to

18․ Assembly level language is also known as

Low level language
High level language
Procedural language

19․ To emphasis a letter, use:

All of the above

20․ In a word document page number is inserted intro _______

Mail merge
Line spacing
Header and Footer
Spell Check

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